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Top destination for halibut fishing.

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What could be better for a halibut fisherman than a brand new Arvor and fishing in probably the best halibut areas in Norway?

In the quiet Dåfjord you can choose to visit summer or winter, making it possible to go fishing under the northern lights in the winter season. The fjord is rich in various species, such as cod, pollock, halibut, wolffish, herring and salmon and even trout in the nearby lakes. During summer you will have plenty of time to get that big catch, since the midnight sun gives you 24 hours with sunlight to go out with the boat.

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Top Destination

Not just Northern Norway’s top destination for seafishing. We are Norway’s most popular seafishing destination*.


Dåfjord Seafishing is a destination in the upper class. Several perfect fishing spots in Grøtøysundet, Skagøysundet, Bårdsetsundet and in the Helgøysundet.

Rich in cod, pollock, haddock, halibut, wolffish, herring and salmon. In Norway, during spring and summer, catfish are easy to get. Large cod are found in and around Råsa and also around Helgøya.

* Among the customers of Din Tur AS.

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Our collection of happy fishermen along with their trophies. You can also take a closer look at the boats and apartment.

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