Halibut Fishing

One of the best places in the world for halibut fishing. The biggest halibut catch in Dåfjord so far is 194 kg. This means that Dåfjord is the place where you can experience in reality sports fishing with biggest catches possible.

Season: April – September

Midnight Sun Fishing

Favorable daylight conditions make it possible to enjoy fishing as long as you will. Night will not force you back to the camp and you can enjoy the warm sun even at midnight. You are the one that decides for how long will you be out on the sea.

Season: May – Mid August

Northern Lights and Fishing

Fishing during the day and then relax in the evening with a view to a northern lights. There is also possible to take a Northern Lights tour with some of our business partners. They will pick you up at the camp and deliver you back after the chase is done.

Season: February – March, September – November


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